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Growing Things: Filipski’s tomato tips

Every so often I like to share what I’ve learned with my readers. Most of this is anecdotal evidence based on what I’ve experimented with and is not based on scientific research. Having said this, after many years of trials and tribulations in the garden, there is some merit in sharing my successes with other gardeners. After all, I continue to learn from readers sharing their experiences too.

Today’s topic is growing container tomatoes. It’s become a hobby of mine — well, far more than a hobby — it’s a small obsession because of my love of tomatoes. After years of growing tomatoes in the garden bed, I’ve found I’m having much more success growing them in containers. You might ask why that would be? Here are my theories:

  • I can move the containers to where the plants get optimal light and heat, as opposed to planting them in a bed that has a…

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