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Why the price of a pint of beer in the UK is going through the roof

LONDON — The average cost of a pint of beer in the U.K. has soared by 70% since 2008 — well ahead of inflation — and some Londoners are parting with as much as £8 ($9.70) for 568ml of the amber nectar.

According to figures from consultancy firm CGA, the average cost of a pint has risen from £2.30 in 2008 to £3.95 in 2022, though prices vary drastically across locations. Average prices rose by 15 pence between 2021 and 2022, up almost 4%, one of the largest year-on-year increases since 2008.

The average price of a pint at one unnamed pub in London hit an eye-watering £8.06 this year, the highest CGA has ever recorded, while the lowest nationally was a £1.79 average at a pub in Lancashire, in the northwest of England.

U.K. inflation hit a 40-year high of 9.4% in June and is expected to rise beyond 13% in October, compounding the country’s historic cost-of-living crisis and…

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