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Project Trends In The U.S. And Canada (Video) – Government Contracts, Procurement & PPP

There was a time when the Canadian and U.S. project environments
differed significantly. Has the gap closed? Tara Mackay and Josh Van Deurzen compare notes from both sides
of the border and in the process discuss the growing importance of
broadband projects.

In this video, Tara and Josh explain:

  • how P3 popularity is surging in the United States

  • how more projects are embracing integrated project

  • why documentation in the U.S. is shifting from fragmented to

  • how both markets can narrow the urban-rural broadband
    connectivity gap

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Video transcript

Tara Mackay (00:08): Hi. I’m Tara Mackay,
Partner in the New York office and member of the Projects team at
Torys. I advise clients, mainly private sector developers and
lenders on infrastructure development projects in the U.S. and
Canada with a focus…

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