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Giving moms a little freedom, one pedal at a time

Before this summer Claire Kiruhira had never been on a bicycle.

Now, after three lessons, she’s comfortable making 20-minute trips on two wheels. 

Kiruhira, who is from Uganda and immigrated to Ottawa in February, says in addition to the physical exercise and fun, knowing how to ride a bike is a practical skill that makes shopping easier for her. 

“It’s very interesting at my age, sitting on a bike,” the 37-year-old mom of three said. “I love it and I’m very grateful … And I encourage other people to come, other ladies to come and learn.” 

She credits her progress to cycling instructor Denise Inglis. 

Inglis is the co-ordinator of the not-for-profit Vélo Vanier, which lends bikes to residents for free and has started to offer lessons catered to moms. 

“The previous co-ordinator found that families would come in to loan bikes and often the moms didn’t take a bike. And when she…

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