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My insurance company wants to write off my car. With used car prices soaring, can I make them repair it?

Our 2007 Buick was hit by a flatbed truck while parked in a shopping plaza. I did all the right things: I filed a police report, I called Intact, our insurance company, and I even found video footage showing the accident. The car was assessed at Intact’s preferred body shop as needing approximately $3,800 in repairs. Based on this quote, Intact declared the car a “total loss,” ended our coverage for a replacement rental and offered a $4,500 payout – $4,000 for the value of the car and $500 for HST. In my conversation with the body shop, they confirmed that the damage was cosmetic and 100 per cent fixable. In this market where inventory shortages have driven used car prices way up and consumer options way down, for Intact to deem a repairable car that has no structural or mechanical damage a total loss is unconscionable. For them to expect that anything can be purchased for…

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