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Type 1 diabetics say something is missing from Manitoba’s new program to cover insulin pumps for young adults

Type 1 diabetics in Manitoba are upset that the province’s new insulin pump program for young adults doesn’t include one of the most popular, easy-to-use devices in its coverage.

On July 29, the province released a list of supplies covered by the young adult insulin pump program, which reimburses Type 1 diabetics age 18 to 25 for the cost of their medical device.

Advocates like Trevor Kirczenow, whose 11-year-old son is diabetic, were disappointed that the popular Omnipod tubeless pump is not on the list.

Insulin pumps provide a continuous flow of insulin based on blood sugar levels. Without coverage, the out-of-pocket cost is in the thousands. 

“People are upset, frustrated, worried. They’re hoping that this is just some horrible mistake, that that will be corrected really quickly,” Kirczenow said.

Kirczenow is one of the founding members of the Emergency Diabetes Support for…

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