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What Rocket Mortgage’s entry into Canada means for brokers and mortgage shoppers

Hash Aboulhosn, President, Rocket Mortgage (Canada)

Earlier this month, Rocket Mortgage U.S.—the American mortgage lender Goliath—announced its plans to enter the Canadian market.

It will do so officially on August 8 via a rebranding of Windsor, ON-based Edison Financial, which received seed funding from Rocket Companies during its start-up.

But what does the news mean for Canadian mortgage brokers and, more importantly, mortgage consumers?

We chatted with Hash Aboulhosn, President of Rocket Mortgage in Canada, to find out. Here are parts of that conversation.

CMT: Can you tell us more about what this rebranding of Edison Financial to Rocket Mortgage means and what it involves?

I’ve been extremely proud of what our team has accomplished in just over two years. We’ve shown what we can build out of our industry-leading…

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