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Vancouver real estate case: ‘New world order’ argument fails

A conspiracy theory about “new world order” is not a valid argument in a recent foreclosure case involving a home in Vancouver, a judge in British Columbia ruled.

The case before the provincial Supreme Court was heard last month in Vancouver, and involved the Bank of Montreal and two respondents, one of whom did not fight the foreclosure.

The other, Karen Wai King Lew, tried to appeal the order made in April involving the sale of her property to the bank in May.

The court heard on July 12 that Lew owed more than $290,000, and a foreclosure order had been made in the fall. The homeowner and a second mortgagee were given a redemption period, but made no payments, meaning she’d have to give up her home.

As for why no payments were made, Lew claimed there was no debt owed. Her argument involved an unsubstantiated belief that a secretive, powerful group is…

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