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TikTok Called ‘Digital Fentanyl’ as Ban Gains Momentum: ‘Get It Out of Your Family’s Home’

The trending TikTok ban is gaining steam on Capitol Hill where lawmakers are working on two bills to ban the app; one seeks to ban it from government devices – the other wants a total nationwide ban.

TikTok is now the country’s most popular social media app. It’s also potentially the most dangerous due to its connection to China. Congressional leaders seeking to ban it call the app ‘digital fentanyl,’ arguing it’s addicting and poses a serious threat to national security. 

“We understand that the Chinese government is using this app to collect data from our citizens here in this country,” said South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem. “They can even access personal information from financial institutions. It’s a cyber security threat we need to take seriously.” 

Gov. Noem is one of seven governors barring public employees from using TikTok on government devices. On Wednesday, the U.S….

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