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Rocket EVP talks company’s move into third-party brokering space

BRX Mortgage, led by Scott Peckford and Denise Laframboise, seemed a natural fit for the program’s initial pilot, with Merdita emphasizing the companies’ cultural alignment and mutual care for Canada’s broker community.

The training offered by BRX, as well as its centralized controls for deal quality, underwriting, and support for brokers in helping grow their business were key factors behind its selection by Rocket as a partner in the program.

When will Rocket Mortgage Pro be available to other brokerages?

The timeline for expansion to other brokerages, meanwhile, remains unspecified for now. Merdita said the company is eager not to rush out the product before it’s been adequately tested in the broker space.

“We want to make sure it’s the best product to go to market,” he said. “We’re highly intentional about how we’re showing up and who we’re showing up with. BRX is committed to giving us the critical feedback in the early days to tell us what we need to do better so that we can best serve brokers.

“And I think once again, once we feel comfortable that we’re offering the best product in market, it only makes sense for us to open that product up to other brokers in the broker community.”

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