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From child care and housing, to food and vacations, here’s how inflation is biting into family budgets

Carlyne St Jules may have to cut her family vacation short this year, thanks to soaring inflation.

“Everything out here, it’s $300 and up,” she says of hotel rooms in Montreal, where she has family and previously studied dance.

“To fill my tank … to come here it was like $89. I have a small four-door Kia.”

St Jules, a 29-year-old event co-ordinator who now lives in New York City with her three children, ages two, seven and 10, says she “brought them out here so they can see my old stomping grounds — but I don’t know how much I’ll be stomping around here with these prices.”

From ballooning grocery bills to pricier extracurricular activities, parents are confronting cost-of-living increases that have them worried about opportunities for their children and a stable financial future for their family.

Cost of just about everything is rising

Inflation hit a 39-year high in June amid an…

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