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Eight cheapest places to live in and rent in Ontario (2022)

Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay’s average rent prices have remained steady year after year. For a two-bedroom apartment in downtown Thunder Bay, the average rent is $1,184 and around $1,000 for a one-bedroom apartment. The average cost of living before rent is $1,246 per month for a single person. The average cost of a single-detached home, meanwhile, is $366,900.

With a population of just over 110,000, Thunder Bay is also home to more than 100 parks and the largest grain storage facility in North America. Aside from the consistently low rent, the best part of Thunder Bay is that it has been dubbed the city in Eastern Canada that receives the most sun: about 2,200 hours of sunlight each year.

Rainy River

Rainy River is a small town in north-western Ontario that is roughly a three-hour drive southeast of Winnipeg. More important than location, however,…

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