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Conspiracy theory about ‘new world order’ won’t save Vancouver home from foreclosure, judge rules

According to people who believe the NESARA/GESARA conspiracy theory, new global currencies are being introduced, backed by gold. (Mike Groll/The Associated Press – image credit)

When Karen Wai King Lew told a B.C. judge that her mortgage debt had been completely forgiven, she invoked a two-decade-old conspiracy theory about a “new world order” that has recently resurfaced.

According to a recent B.C. Supreme Court ruling, Lew appealed a foreclosure order on her Vancouver home on the basis that something called NESARA/GESARA had been enacted and all credit card, mortgage and other bank debt would be wiped out in a “jubilee” of forgiveness.

“She described it as a pending new world order that has its roots in the United States (NESARA), but has evolved to a global movement (GESARA), to which many countries are signatories, including Canada,” Justice Sharon Matthews wrote in her July 12…

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