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Streaming wars hit Canadian TV world, but when is a series homegrown vs. Canadian-ish?

The Lake is a half-hour series set in Ontario cottage country.Peter Stranks/Amazon Prime

Everyone who works in Canadian television appreciates the irony. For decades, creators of homegrown series shaved off the edges of their Canadian-ness, the better to sell to international (especially U.S.) markets. They filmed in Toronto or Vancouver, but never as Toronto or Vancouver – it was Generic North American City. They avoided glimpses of the CN Tower; they swapped out red mailboxes for blue ones; their characters never uttered tells such as “province” or “prime minister.”

Call Me Fitz is a good example – it shot in Nova Scotia, starred Canadian-born Jason Priestley as a caddish used-car salesperson and ran four seasons on HBO Canada. But there was nothing specifically Canadian about it. “No one said, ‘It can’t be in Canada,’” Michael Souther, one of its executive…

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