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McMaster grad students ‘don’t have enough money to buy food,’ want university to increase funding

Graduate students at McMaster University, who say they are finding it difficult to cope financially, have launched a campaign to press the institution to increase the funding given to them.

Graduate students, joined by faculty, staff, and concerned community members, made the call in an open letter to the graduate council, which includes more than 40 members.

In the letter, they said the regulations set out by the graduate council guarantee all full-time graduate students at McMaster a minimum of just $13,500 per year (the current “floor”) above whatever their rate of tuition is.

“It’s time to raise the floor; full-time graduate students deserve better,” the students wrote in the letter.

The graduate students pointed to Statistics Canada data, which highlights that the low-income cut-off for single-person households in a city the size of Hamilton in 2019 was $21,899.

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