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How Forge Scooped Up Jordan Hamilton

When Jordan Hamilton signed with two-time Canadian Premier League champions Forge FC, the reaction was dynamite: Forge fans were celebrating online, while fans of other clubs shook their heads in disbelief: ‘the rich get richer’, was the sentiment online.

So, how did the hammers – the most successful team in the history of the league and the current first-placed leader – land the highly-coveted Canadian free agent?

For Hamilton, the answer on was simple: they win trophies.

“Once you taste gold, it’s all that you want,” he told Northern Tribune. “If you look in the past three years, and not even just the championships that Forge has won, but the big games that the CPL has been apart of whether that’s against MLS or Liga MX, it’s consistently been Forge. It’s hard to turn that down, especially when they’re really pushing to get you.”


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