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Exec on making the most out of a brokerage’s professionals

For those who are just starting out, Pabari advises them to seek out the organizations and networks that offer precisely this kind of support.

“Find a mortgage mentor,” Pabari said. “Educate yourself constantly on policies, lenders, rates, and market news … You will figure the rest out as you go along.”

Pabari religiously applies this ethos to Elite Lending, which had its fair share of hurdles to overcome over the past two years.

“At Elite Lending, the most challenging time was at the beginning of the pandemic when things were at a standstill,” Pabari recounted. “There were new government rules coming out all the time, [and] a lot of people were scared. The way that we handled it was by coming together and getting pro-active about an online strategy so our brokers could continue to learn and work with minimal disruption. Our…

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