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‘Caught off guard’: Low-income students in Alberta scramble to go back to school with lower grants

Some students are scrambling to find extra loans and adjust their personal spending, after the Alberta government announced in late July it would clip the amount of monthly funding received through its full-time student grant program.

New budget allocations mean the income thresholds to be eligible for the Alberta Student Grant for Full-Time Students have changed. The Alberta government says this allows more low-income students to tap into funding.

But as a result, students will receive less money per month than they did a year ago. Last year’s monthly maximum was $375, but that was clipped by one third to $250 this coming school year.

“Students have been caught off guard by the lack of communication about these cuts to the funding that they are receiving,” said Samantha Scott, a chair for the Council of Alberta University Students.

“Given the unprecedented rate of inflation and the…

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