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BC seeks alleged money launderer’s Vancouver real estate

Alleged money launderer Paul King Jin used a Hong Kong company to register mortgages against property he owned through shell companies, the B.C. Director of Civil Forfeiture claims.

A man accused of being a central figure in B.C.’s casino scandal could soon lose $10 million in real estate if the B.C. government has its say.

The B.C. government has filed a civil forfeiture lawsuit against Richmond’s Paul King Jin, aiming to seize his commercial strata property at 2420 Haywood Ave. in West Vancouver and the Collingwood Garden’s apartment complex in Vancouver’s Kitsilano.

The July 22 claim accuses Jin of laundering proceeds of crime through the properties.

The director of civil forfeiture alleges Jin is the beneficial or “true” owner of the properties listed on land titles as being owned by two companies run through a sole director — Jin’s niece Yuanyuan Jia.

The claim…

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