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Auto Loans In The United States Will Cover Cars From Mexico And Canada.

with approval this sunday United States Senate The Inflation Reduction Act would allow the use of US auto credits for the purchase of cars produced in Mexico and Canada.

The bill is expected to be approved by Parliament in the next few days. Lok SabhaWhere the Democratic Party has a majority.

The new initiative replaced another introduced by President Joe Biden’s administration last year that included tax credits for electric vehicles and discriminated against. Produce from Mexico and Canada,

The previous initiative would increase the credit for electric vehicles to $12,500 per vehicle, including $4,500 for vehicles made by the union plant and $500 for batteries made in the United States. Vehicles must be assembled in the United States in 2027 to qualify for any credit.

Now, the new initiative proposes that the final assembly should be North AmericaWhile the retail price should…

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