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A meaty look into mushrooms and mycelia

We might be entering what can be called a fungi, mushroom, and mycelium revolution as this wondrous family of natural foods gain a critical mass of awareness, generated through major promotion, such as with the Netflix documentary, Fabulous Fungi.

Mushrooms in particular, the fruiting part of the larger fungi living organism, continue to have positive sales. The global mushroom market is estimated to reach USD116 billion in sales by the end of the decade with a 10 per cent annual growth rate. Mushrooms Canada adds that there are over 100 mushroom farms across the country, producing approximately 300 million lb annually. Just over half of these farms are in Ontario, with about 40 per cent in B.C., and the rest across the country. Most mushrooms are sold fresh, while some are canned or pickled. There are estimates of over 150,000 types of mushrooms globally, and…

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