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What to know about insurance in ‘summer of travel hell’

The chance of a holiday after years of lockdowns has been hot on the minds of Canadians since the spring, but continued issues at airports have mired the experience.

Passengers have been stuck for hours in airports, or in planes that were in limbo on tarmacs; airlines have cancelled or delayed scores of flights; and COVID-19 rules across various jurisdictions have evolved. And that’s only for those who have been lucky enough to get their passports and visas issued or renewed on time.

Former Air Canada chief operating officer Duncan Dee says we’re witnessing “a summer of travel hell.”

“Airlines will very likely be processing significant numbers of requests for refunds and compensation,” Dee said via email. “The complicating factor in Canada, however, has been the disproportionate number of flight delays and cancellations caused by government service failures at…

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