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Their trip to Canada has led to tragedy — and more than $1M in medical bills

Pegah Khaki spends each day with her husband.

She bathes and shaves him; she brushes his teeth.

Through his life, Hamid Sarabadani has been what some might call a neat freak. Even now, irresponsive in his hospital bed, his wife knows he would want to look clean and well groomed.

Those aren’t her only tasks in her husband’s ward at North York General Hospital, where Kakhi knows staff on a first-name basis after the past year of visiting.

As Sarabadani’s primary caregiver, she also changes his diapers. She refills his nutrition feed and exercises his limbs to make sure his body doesn’t get stiff as he remains in a medically vegetative state.

This wasn’t how the semi-retired couple’s visit to Canada was supposed to go — stranded in the country not their own, facing medical bills of $1.4 million and climbing, their future in limbo.

Khaki confides she and her two children have…

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