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Nova Scotia mom says she owes $80,000 after paying for surgery but ‘I can play with my kids’

Jennifer Brady made her final plea to the Nova Scotia health minister.

Brady’s letter to Michelle Thompson in June came 19 months after her condition put her in the hospital with a potentially fatal blood infection.

It came 14 months after a Montreal lymphedema specialist examined her and said she needed surgery.

The surgery she needed isn’t available in Atlantic Canada and the handful of surgeons able to do it in the country, including the one she saw in Montreal, are booked with their own patients for at least two years.

Brady found a clinic in Japan willing to do the job, but the Nova Scotia government refused to cover the cost.

The minister was her last option. Thompson has the authority to override the department’s decision and have the province cover the cost of an out-of-province surgery.

Brady made an impassioned appeal to Thompson. The single mother of two is still…

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