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‘I’m truly disgusted’: N.W.T. hockey board members, parents react to Hockey Canada scandal

Parents, board members, and hockey associations in the North are voicing their concerns amid Hockey Canada’s ongoing scandal regarding the organization’s mishandling of sexual assault allegations.

Frank Walsh, a father of two children that play in the Yellowknife Minor Hockey Association, said he was unhappy to hear that Hockey Canada had used a fund, made up in part by minor hockey league registration fees, to settle past sexual assault allegations. 

“You trust that what you’re paying is going to the right places,” said Walsh.

 “I pay for my kids to play hockey. I don’t pay for my association to cover-up wrong-doings.”

Hockey Canada has been under fire since revelations that it had paid millions in cash settlements to complainants of sexual abuse allegations, in some cases. At least one settlement came with a non-disclosure agreement that prevented the complainant from speaking…

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