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How to move your money — for the good of the planet

When Jessica Lynn Lefebvre found out TD, the bank she’d been with since university, was the No. 2 funder of fossil fuels in Canada, that was the final straw.

Shortly after, she went through her finances and started making the move to a credit union.

Lefebvre joins a growing number of people fed up with keeping their money in banks that are fuelling the climate crisis. Most Canadians bank with one of the Big 6 — RBC, BMO, CIBC, Scotiabank, TD or the National Bank of Canada. Every one of these financial institutions invests in or lends money to fossil fuel companies whose products create planet-warming greenhouse gases. Since 2015, Canadian banks in general have put $911 billion into the industry, but experts say the opposite needs to happen if we’re going to meet our climate goals.

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