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How insurance can create tax-free income in retirement

I’ve got some good friends who are insurance advisers. If there’s one thing they have in common, it’s that they’re persistent. Maybe you’ve heard the story about the executive who met with an insurance adviser. “You ought to feel privileged that I’ve agreed to meet you today,” the executive said. “So far today, I’ve had my assistant turn away eight insurance salespeople,” he continued. “Yes, I know,” the adviser replied, “I’m all of them.”

Insurance advisers often get a bad rap because they tend to be so persistent. But I’ve always believed that insurance can be an effective tool – so be kind to your insurance adviser. Today, I want to share an idea involving insurance that can provide a tax-free source of cash flow in retirement.

The concept

Many people are lamenting the performance of their investment portfolios this year. The concept I’m going to…

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