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Car repairers lose bid to remove FSRA ban

Two McLaren Collision auto repair employees have lost their bid to rescind a regulator’s cease-and-desist order against them, an order that followed a well-publicized Aviva Canada sting operation.

Aviva investigated possible insurance fraud activity in the auto repair sector in 2017. As part of the investigation, nicknamed Project Bumper, Aviva arranged to have two cars damaged in a way that simulated a collision. Damages to each car were appraised by a third-party appraiser for the purposes of Aviva’s investigation.

The two cars were equipped with concealed video cameras. After staged collisions, the two cars were towed to McLaren, where Aviva alleged videos from both cars showed additional damages caused to the two cars by McLaren employees Fady Rony Warda and Rony Amanuel Warda.

Aviva claims McLaren unfairly and deceptively charged the insurer for repairing the…

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