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‘1-stop shop’ equips displaced Ukrainians with Sask. documents, necessities

Displaced Ukrainians that have recently arrived in Saskatchewan are getting a helping hand as they look to get their bearings in Canada. 

Approximately 900 Ukrainians have arrived in the province since war broke out in their home country.

Banking, health cards, housing, employment, education and even social insurance numbers were some of the resources available at the University of Regina Thursday at a “one-stop shop” set up to make it easier for them to live in Canada. 

Olga Machuga was one of the evacuees who took advantage of the opportunity. She was there to arrange a bank account, a bus pass and a cellphone. 

“It’s a blessing to feel that you are being taken care of,” said Machuga on Thursday. 

Her journey from her home in Lyiv, Ukraine, saw her travel to Germany and Poland before eventually landing in Canada.

Machuga was one of the 230 people carried onboard a humanitarian…

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