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The Army has so far recruited only about half the soldiers it hoped for fiscal 2022, Army secretary says

US soldiers wait to be deployed to Europe, February 14, 2021, in Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

Allison Joyce | AFP | Getty Images

With about seven weeks left in the fiscal year, the Army has recruited only about half the number of soldiers it set as its yearly goal.

In an exclusive interview, Army Secretary Christine Wormuth said the Army has recruited about 52% of its goal for fiscal year 2022 and is likely to wind up short by as many as 15,000 recruits. 

“We are right now at about 52% of the mission that we had originally set for ourselves. So we’ve got a ways to go, and obviously we’ve only got about a month or so until the fiscal year ends,” Wormuth said. “I would say we’re [going to be] about 12,000 to 15,000 recruits short this year.” 

The goal was to have 60,000 active-duty enlistments this fiscal year. While the Army has already said publicly it expects to be short of its overall…

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