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Still bearing scars of recessions past, Windsor is on the verge of a billion-dollar revitalization

Over the past half century, Windsor, Ont., has been a consistent bellwether for trouble in Canada’s economy. “First in, last out” is the recessionary refrain sometimes heard here. It’s a reputation that was painfully reinforced during the mid-2000s when the manufacturing hub began to shrink two years before the Great Recession pulled Canada under. Windsor didn’t claw its way back until 2011, well after the broader economy had fully recovered.

Now, once again, the spectre of recession haunts Canada. But this time there are hopeful signs Windsor will be able to flip the script. Even though the city still bears the scars of recessions past, it’s undergoing major reconstructive surgery, courtesy of an unprecedented wave of investment that’s visible everywhere you look.

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Construction of the Gordie Howe International Bridge, which will connect Windsor…

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