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Resort day passes offers travelers luxury on a budget

Avid traveler Lora Bowler is cutting back on vacation spending. That doesn’t mean she’s skipping the resort.

The New York resident said she spent more in 2023 than she had expected to, including on travel, and is now reining in her expenses. She uses travel hacks and benefits to cut some of the cost, and she’s part of a growing number of people turning to hotel day passes as a cheaper option for relaxation.

“It’s like a neat way to escape and feel like you’re at a five-star hotel,” Bowler said, “but you can’t afford to stay.”

Day passes at hotels and resorts offer guests access to amenities without the cost of reserving a room. Bowler said she’s booked daybeds and poolside services and even found a pass that offered a room where her husband could work from his laptop.

Hotels and third-party partners are making day passes more readily available to help bridge the gap between travel-minded…

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