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Is Japan open to travelers? It’s where Singaporeans want to travel

Some 49% of Singaporeans say they are considering Japan for their next vacation abroad, according to the market research firm YouGov.

Interest may be even higher among young citizens. Some 68% of Singaporeans aged 16 to 24 years old indicated they are considering Japan for their “next vacation,” compared to 37% of those aged 55 and older, according to research published in May.

Japan was the top choice among survey respondents by a good margin, with the second choice, Taiwan, garnering interest from 39% of those surveyed. Some 26% indicated interest in vacationing in Malaysia, according to the results, but this may have been affected by the survey question, which specifically asked about travel plans “by air.”

Still, Wanping Aw, CEO of the Tokyo-based travel agency Tokudaw said her company saw a large uptick in business after Japan reopened its borders in June — with 50% of enquires…

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