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Indian travelers more confident than Japanese, Aussies

For the most part, residents of Asia-Pacific can travel again.

But some are more confident about packing their bags than others.

Travel confidence is “diverse and nuanced” in the region, according to a new survey commissioned by the travel website Booking.com.

Some 11,000 people in the region were polled about their comfort levels and concerns, as well as their willingness to tolerate the types of disruptions that have become common since the pandemic began. 

The rankings

The survey results were published in Booking.com’s inaugural “Travel Confidence Index,” which ranked the places in order of most to least confident.

Key findings from the study include:

No. 1: India

According to the survey, Indians emerged as having the highest travel confidence. Some 86% of respondents indicated plans to travel within 12 months — a number surpassed only by those in China — though trips in both…

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