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Manulife One: Why Conrad Neufeldt believes it’s “worth the learn”

Conrad Neufeldt likens shopping for a mortgage to taking a multiple-choice test back in school.

“We were given five answers, all of which were right, but one was ‘more right’ than the other four; mortgages are a lot like that,” he says. “It’s really easy to have a right answer — or at least feel like you have a right answer — but you need a whole lot more knowledge in order to successfully find the ‘best’ answer.”

Imparting that knowledge to not just his clients but the broader Canadian mortgage-shopping public is a key goal for Neufeldt, who offers free educational content across a range of social media platforms, including nearly 100 educational videos posted to YouTube.

“There’s just not enough financial education in Canada, so I use this opportunity as an educational experience,” he said. “By the time they turn…

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