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Inside Rocket Mortgage’s arrival in Canada

The company’s belief in technology is also grounded in a conviction that the digital experience also must be complemented by top-tier client service and transparency throughout each stage of the process.

“If you complete the application and you want to get in touch with someone to get clarity but can’t get a hold of someone, then it doesn’t matter how good the digital experience is,” Aboulhosn pointed out.

In Canada, the team has had the benefit of observing, in Aboulhosn’s words, “what 35 years of best-in-class mortgage evolution looks like,” from Rocket south of the border.

Another noteworthy announcement last week saw Rocket reveal its plans to become a direct lender in Canada, a venture that’s set to launch before the end of the year. That’s a move that the company says will further bring digital experiences into the…

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