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What P&C industry recruits will give up for hybrid work

Prospective recruits into Canada’s property and casualty insurance industry are willing to accept a lower salary from employers if it means they can work from home, one insurance recruiter observed during a Live with CU stream Thursday.  

“To give you an example, there was a local company in Vancouver who hired one of our candidates as a senior marketer and they offered $10,000 less [in salary] for that person to be remote,” said Stefan Rolfe, associate director of insurance at Impact Recruitment. 

“They ended up working in the office, but that’s a $10K difference to basically stay at home and work…rather than come to the office,” he said during How to win the war for talent, hosted via LinkedIn Live.

Rolfe said that for prospective P&C employees, a flexible work environment is table stakes.  

“[For] 90% of them, [remote work] is a requirement, and they will…

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