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Travel Insurance For U.K. Trips – Forbes Advisor Canada

Baggage loss coverage encompasses more than luggage that gets lost in transit. The scope of coverage includes baggage and personal belongings.

While in any travel destination, particularly urban centres, there can be petty theft, pickpockets and the potential to have your belongings swiped.

“Baggage benefits in a travel insurance policy can cover a repair, replacement or reimbursement of your items,” says Lisa Cheng, a spokesperson with World Nomads, a travel insurance company. That could include your wallet, purse, a mobile phone or other property—up to the cash value at the time they were stolen.

However, cash and credit cards are usually excluded from travel insurance policies, though some policies reimburse you up to a small limit, such as $100. In the case of card theft, you should call your credit card company to put a stop on your card. Also, try to minimize the…

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