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Travel Insurance For Trips To Italy – Forbes Advisor Canada

Italy is a mix of lots to see and do.

“With ancient monuments, cliff-side villages, regional cuisines and a history that’s on display everywhere you go, Italy is famous for so many things,” says Cheng. But where there are crowds of tourists, there are opportunities for thieves.

In Rome, she recommends being particularly vigilant at metro stations, overnight trains and other crowded tourist areas such as the Colosseum and Termini train station.

Also, she says Naples is notorious for pickpockets, where they tend to lurk in the Spanish Quarter, the main train station, the Piazza Garibaldi, and dark alleys and streets.

To reduce the risk of theft, Cheng advises that you avoid stashing your wallet in your pants pocket. “Consider wearing a money belt even if you’re not going to be the most stylish person in the street,” she advises.

If you are the victim of a theft,…

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